Why you should buy from Evolution Computers

Why you should buy from Evolution Computers

There are many reasons why Evolution Computers is your best choice for the purchase of new technology and the services that go with it.

We supply complete, custom solutions not just PC’s

We believe that there is more to a successful IT experience than just your PC. Your PC should be a good quality buy, at the right price, have bundled services and be tailored to your specific needs. Your PC should be a complete solution for your IT needs – if you wanted to play games, then the PC should have enough power to play games; and if you wanted to run your business from it, it should have Word and Excel on it. You should also be able to get good advice and backup service from a reputable and experienced IT expert to guide you through the tricky, but ultimately very rewarding world of computers. We endeavour to supply just such products and services.

We come to your location

Because we offer onsite support services we can sometimes deal with a fault better by being there. Some errors only appear onsite, at your home or business, and are therefore better dealt with onsite. Not only that, but it is much easier for you, the customer, because you do not have to drag all your components to a store, and re-assemble them afterwards.

We listen to and understand, your needs

We understand that it is the user, the person at the other end who is just as important as the technology they use every day. Instead of focussing on just your actual PC, we believe it is far more important to talk to you first to find out how the PC fits into the “problem” and how our solution can help fix the problem for you. We do this by listening and understanding your needs, and then advising you accordingly. We also believe very strongly that it is important not to “drop the ball” by keeping you informed about your PC and completing a job until you are satisfied.

We have specialised skills and experience

With our training and many years experience in the IT field we have the expertise and experience to solve your IT problem and service your IT need in the best way possible. We design your PC or network and apply that technology to your IT needs. We also have extensive experience configuring and installing a wide range of software and hardware and prevention and removal of virus and Spyware based threats.

We receive regular training from industry

We receive intensive product training, and have access to confidential product design information to keep our customers ahead of the trend and ensure that you make the best purchasing decision. Evolution Computers can offer you the latest computing technologies, backed by excellent service to give you and your business the greatest return on investment.

We provide the best quality products for your needs

Our Intel based products come with a 3 year warranty and represent the highest quality manufacturing standard in the industry. We also receive priority swap out services from Intel which results in speedy motherboard replacement in the unlikely event of failure. Because we monitor trends and brands we can help you avoid buying a dodgy brand and we can keep you well informed as to the best technology to buy in light of recent and future trends.

We back all our products with great service

All our products are sold with service backup. What this means is that we are committed to ensuring that you are happy with the product and that your new product is integrated into your existing technologies successfully. When you call us to solve a problem, we make sure to get there as soon as possible, fix the problem completely, and advise you of how to avoid the problem in the future. Check out our Services section in our Company Info page for more info on the wide range of services on offer.

We want your future business

We want to develop and maintain a trust based relationship with you and service all your IT needs – from configuration, software installation and sales, PC’s, networking and consumables and connectivity solutions. Our commitment to service is what we hope will ensure your future business with Evolution Computers.