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Evolution Computers operates in the greater Durban area in South Africa.

Started in the year 2003 we provide high quality computers, networking products, peripherals, and a wide range of IT solutions and services. Essentially we consult with clients to identify their needs and design solutions using technology to satisfy (and exceed) their needs profile.

We augment your technology solution with ongoing maintenance and support contracts to ensure maximum up-time, and return on technology investment.

Based in Westville, a town just outside of the main city of Durban, we deliver and support most of our products directly at your location.

We service both home and business clients, and pride ourselves on our reputation for service and quality, consistently promoted by existing clients.

We also offer a subcontracting service for companies based in other locations who need a presence in Durban to service their clients on their behalf. We have many successful relationships already established with large Johannesburg and Cape Town based companies. Give us a call if you would like us to support your Durban based branches.


Our company ethos is summed up in our catch phrase: “Service Driven Technology”.
We offer high quality, custom built IT products and services to small and medium business, and home users. Products are backed by a service offering based upon an understanding of what people really want from the IT experience. Technology driven by service is the core of our company aesthetic, and is the foundation upon which all products are sold and the guiding principle behind everything we do.


To us, being in business is all about relationships.
We understand that in order to have a successful business relationship with our clients, we must demonstrate our commitment to being a service company that happens to supply IT products, not a supplier of IT products who happens to attempt service. We understand that buying a complicated piece of technology like a modern computer, involves not only the acquisition of the device but also an investment in trust with the supplier of that device.

This is why our motto is Service Driven Technology. We are positioned to supply you with IT products and solutions backed up with a unique service offering. Many other IT companies are too big or do not care to give support after the sale has been effected.

We supply a hardware or software solution and then make our team available to you in the unlikely event of difficulties.

We effect all warranty swap-outs on your behalf, and can liaise with other technology partners that you may have chosen to deliver a product or service for you.


Great service is backed by great product.
We are only interested in selling you a product that meets or exceeds our conceptualization of an acceptable computing standard.

We are constantly researching and evaluating our existing product and service offerings to ensure that quality is assured, and constantly on the lookout for the latest high quality product to fit into our established offering.

In short, we sell products and services that will give you the reliability and computing experience you need from today’s technology, giving you the highest quality machine at an affordable price.

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