Managed Business Solutions

We offer quality products, backed by excellent service to solve all your Business IT problems.

No matter the size of your business, you need to share data and devices between employees, maximize productivity by avoiding downtime and protect against data losses, and ensure that your connected office maintains efficient and productive support to whatever it is that your business happens to be.

We can design and supply a state of the art, network solution, with full server support and connectivity options (ADSL, email, internet access management solutions, VPN’s) for your specific needs profile. We sell an entire range of Desktop, Notebook and Server products from various vendors who are recognized as providing quality equipment and best in class support.

From the cabling and power points, to networking and server based systems, to printing and connectivity, we have the right solution for you, backed by excellent service and with your budget in mind.

Our Evolved Solutions are superior to most in terms of feature set, reliability, and warranty options because they come bundled with additional features and add-ons that we feel make the technology into a useful tool for your needs, as opposed to just a PC or a notebook – something that is only rendered useful once you have Office, Antivirus, etc installed.

Our solutions also command attractive price point features, and are delivered to your door and setup for you to maximize your enjoyment of the Evolved Computing Experience – we stand by our quality products and with more than 17 years of  impeccable service, we can help you achieve your IT goals…

Please give our sales team a call on 087 073 8919 or contact us below and we can arrange a custom quote for your particular needs.

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