Give us a qualified lead, and earn R500 CASH!

Give us a qualified lead, and earn R500 CASH!

Here’s how it works:

We are looking for businesses that are about to be setup, or have already been setup and require IT support on a monthly basis.

They can be as small as 5 users or as large as 40 users (or even larger) (minimum to qualify for the cash is 5 users)

If you send us the following things and they sign a 12 month support contract with us, you will be paid R500 cash.


For your lead to qualify, fill in the contact form below with your details (Name and email address)

We will need this to arrange payment once (and only after) the contract gets signed.


In the message field below we need details of your lead:

A contact person’s full name (this must be the person who will decide on the contract, not their secretary or cousin, twice removed 🙂

That person’s contact number or email address

How many users / computers their business has

The physical location of the business