Backup is only as good as your restore strategy

Some introductory information about us

Based in Westville we have provided quality service and products to homes and businesses in the greater Durban area for more than 13 years. Essentially we use our understanding of the technologies that make life and business work, to keep your systems running at peak efficiency, preventing disasters like data loss, and protecting you from viruses and other intrusions. We supply full solutions in the sense that we supply the hardware technologies like computers, servers and printers and the software solutions like Microsoft Office and Antivirus packages that you need, but we also provide ongoing services to keep those technologies working for you. We have a product called the Complete Business Solution designed to ensure that your business or home system is kept in working order, protected and backed up with regular pro-active checks. Essentially we provide IT products, connectivity solutions, servers and custom solutions, then we keep those systems working for you so that you can focus on your life or business and let us worry about the technology.


What makes a restore strategy better than a backup strategy?

Besides the usual principle that one cannot have too many backups, an important and oft overlooked detail about backups and backup strategies is that your backup strategy is effectively useless if you are not performing regular and verifiable restores from your backup. In other words you can court disaster by feeling confident that your backup is working, but if you have to recover from a system crash or hard drive failure, the true nature of your backup will soon become evident and what you can restore may be very old and missing vital recent data. Your backup is only as good as the files you can restore from it. We can provide you with an affordable backup- restore strategy designed to ensure the ongoing safety of your data.


As far as possible we try to set up multiple backups, and try to automate that process as much as possible. This removes the main fault in backup strategies ( the human factor ) often we meet companies in distress who have lost vital data because the backup job was assigned to one overworked person who got too busy to complete a single backup in the last 3 months. This fact is only discovered once everything has died or the computers (sometimes with the backup drives) have been stolen, and there is no backup, or the backups are too old to be useful.


The question you need to ask is how important is your data, and if you think your current backup is working, when last did you do a safe and verified test restore from that backup?


We can help you manage that task.


Call today. The best time to backup is right before the loss of data. That might happen tomorrow.