Managed G Suite

G Suite – Managed by us. All the benefits, none of the hassle!

This is for you if you want all the great features of Gsuite but you want us to take care of the setup, user support and the ongoing account management.

Managed Gsuite meets the following major requirements for organisations (and individuals):

A robust, reliable and secure email solution across multiple platforms. Basically, if you’ve used free Gmail, this is a more full featured version of that.

With Managed Gsuite your mail and data follow you (The same email and docs on your PC, your phone, in your browser) and if you’ve replied to a message on your phone, that reply is reflected on your PC as well, and visa versa.

  • Backup of data – 30Gigs of cloud storage space to store mail, docs, anything. If you need more than 30Gigs there is plenty additional space for really low fees.
  • Archiving of mail –  always searchable, but not cluttering your Inbox.
  • All hosted on your own domain identity, but backed by the reliability of Google’s servers.
  • Check out this link for more details –

This is how it is billed:

Initial fees

For moving or creating your domain (There are some setup costs depending on if it is a new domain, or the adoption of an existing domain into our infrastructure.)

Setup fees

Labour per hour depending on how many devices need to be setup for your users. We connect to your users, and make sure the product is setup correctly to ensure faultless operation and good initial backups.

Ongoing fees

Contact us below for the current rate for this product – the rates fluctuate with the Rand Dollar.

Billing is in advance, you pay at the beginning of the month for that months services, billed via debit order.

Add Proactive Onsite Endpoint Management (where we would manage all the technical support for that device) to your Managed Gsuite bundle starting at R.370 inc VAT extra per endpoint machine, with significant discounts for 10 endpoints or more. Email us now for a quote – contact form below.